The LED light collar to be seen in.

100% Waterproof            2 Year Warranty 
Range of Colours          Automatic On/Off

Your LEUCHTIE is the correct size when you're able to slip the closed ring over your dog's head. 

Use a tape measure or piece of string to create a loop that can slip comfortably over the head.    

Alternatively adjust your dog's normal collar so that you can just slip it over the dogs head and remove it again, without it being uncomfortable for the dog.   

Use the measurement or measure the inner circumference of the collar or the total length of the piece of string/wool.

The Leuchtie you need is the size closest to this measurement.  

If in-between sizes, select the larger Leuchtie.

So if your dog measures 42cm, choose a size 45.

leuchtie measurement .jpg

First Step - Measure your dogs head (not the neck) at the widest part.

Second Step - Select the model Leuchtie you would like

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For sizes 35cm to 70cm

AAA Batteries

For sizes 35cm to 70cm

USB Charger

Battery change indicator